Aluminum LED Steet Light D160

Lamp power


Output lumen


Specification of lam ps

Side mounted, hoisting for selection

Color temperature option


IP grade


IK level


Installation pipe diameter



  • Aluminum die-casting lamp body shell, super white tempered glass
  • High light transmission PC lens, with high visual comfort and uniform light distribution lens, for a variety of different light distribution options
  • High performance LED chip, drive with 0-10V/DALI/programming power supply option, 20KV surge protector
  • There are a variety of mounting brackets for selection and matching to form a variety of lamps with different shapes
  • There are two installation methods: side installation and top installation. The angle is adjustable. The installation pipe diameter is Φ 38/ Φ 48/ Φ 60mm
  • Anti ultraviolet polyurethane plastic powder spraying surface, corrosion resistance can reach more than 1000 hours
  • No biological blue light hazard risk, symbol EN62471:2008 standard
  • Road light intelligent remote control system is optional and compatible with remote management system
  • All external screws are made of 304 stainless steel


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